We submit your electronic certified payrolls.

Streamline the process of electronic Submission for Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Certifications with our electronic reporting service. We offer manual input services into any eCPR (Electronic Certified Payroll Reporting) system for all projects. This includes Elation Systems ECSP, LCPtracker, and other compliance reporting systems.

We are the most trusted service provider for certified payroll submissions, review, compliance monitoring and the new eCPR system, now required for HUD projects. Leave the data input to our expert team with a combined industry experience of over 75 years and we can assure you that the job is done right.

Electronic Certified Payroll Reporting

Specializing in AIA Billings & Sworn Statements.

Interested in electronic certified payroll submission or AIA billings?

Who do we service?

We work with prime contractors across the United States who are involved in federally funded projects. We are the industry leader in prevailing wage and certified payroll compliance under the Davis Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA). We specialize in electronic certified payroll submissions using ECSP programs like Elation Systems, and LCPtracker as well as AIA billings and sworn statements.

Remove the headache of manual data input and stay compliant in your required submissions with our flexible and comprehensive services. We offer all of our services in English as well as Spanish.

HUD now requires electronic certified payroll submissions in all ten regions.

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